Saturday, 19 February 2011

Surprise, Surprise!!

I knew before I got pregnant that I wanted to use a midwife. I used to watch a television show about a birth center in Miami, Florida. After I watched that show I knew how much a mother and baby benefit from using a midwife. After my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby I called and set up an appointment to meet with Amber and Joanie. Initially my husband and family thought that I was making the wrong decision about using a midwife. They were all convinced that I should use a hospital because most people have there babies in a hospital. I explained to them over and over again all the benefits to myself and the baby. They were still not sold. One family member even suggested touring a hospital as a back up if I couldn’t handle a non medicated delivery. My husband initially told me that he was not in favor of using the birthing center. He did say that I was the one that was going to actually give birth so I could make the decision. After my first visit I borrowed a book that explained why a gentle birth was more beneficial to my self and the baby. I read it and offered it to my husband. He thumbed through the book and did not seem very interested. After my second visit I borrowed the Ina Mae guide to spiritual midwifery. I read the book cover to cover in two days. I found it very interesting and highly informative. I offered this book to my husband. The first night he thumbed through the book like he did the first one. Only this time the birth stories from the father’s perspective caught his eye. The next night he read the book for a few hours. He then wouldn’t let me take the book back until he had read the book from cover to cover twice. After reading this book he was sold 100% on having a gentle birth.

In the late afternoon of my due date much to my surprise I went into labor. Around three in the morning my husband and I made the trip to the birthing center. My husband and I were very excited that our daughter would be born some time soon. When I arrived Joanie checked on the progression of my labor and I was already 5cm dialed. Just four hours later I was ready to push. I highly suggest water birth to all expecting mothers. As soon as I sat down in the birthing tub all of the discomforts of labor went away. I was in heaven sitting in that tub! After thirty minutes of pushing our baby was born. My husband is very proud that he was able to catch our baby. As soon as my husband placed our baby on my chest we were so in awe of her. We commented on how much hair our baby had. I was very happy that I had packed some bows for her hair. Joanie suggested that I take a look at the baby and make sure that all was ok with her. I thought that was a little odd. But I did what she asked. I looked at both of her hands. She had ten perfect fingers. I looked at both of her little feet. She had ten perfect toes. By this time my umbilical cord had stopped pulsing. Joanie told us that she was going to clamp the cord. She then instructed my husband on how to cut the umbilical cord. Joanie asked me again if everything was ok with the baby. I could not figure out what Joanie was hinting at. What did she notice that my husband did not? This time I started to examine my baby a little more thoroughly. I lifted up the towel that the baby was wrapped in. It was a BOY!

My sister in law had the privilege of filming our birth for us. She has two children that she had given birth to in a hospital. She couldn’t get over how calm my labor and delivery was. She kept telling me that she wished that she knew about midwifes when she gave birth. She also apologized to me for second guessing my decision to use a midwife. My mother in law also was in awe of the care that I was provided, and how smooth my labor and delivery went. When my mother in law introduces my son to anyone she tells them about his birth and how amazing it was. She now highly suggests midwifery care to anyone that she knows is pregnant.

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