Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Asher's Perspective

Hi! My name’s Asher. My Mom doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to write my birth story(not her). She’s so busy taking care of me she won’t even suspect me. Hee-hee!

I guess I should begin my story with the very first thing I remember. I was very warm and comfy, I wasn’t even moving around yet when all of a sudden I heard a lot of voices.

They were hard to understand but I’m smart and I figured out that they were my Grandparents and they were saying”congratulations” to my Mom. She had just found out about me. (I already knew about me for two weeks!) Anyways, Mom was kinda out of breath a lot and hungery(oops-I spelled it wrong!) at first. I was a growing boy! She ate a whole bunch of healthy food and some good food too like chips and soda. I have to admit that I was pretty good to my Mom in the first couple of months. I I didn’t give her any morning sickness! I was good because later I knew I wouldn’t be so good!

When I first started to move my arms and kick my legs, my Mom didn’t even notice, so I built up my strength and kicked her harder. I wanted her to pay attention! After a while, Mom started to poke me back especially when I kicked her in the ribs.(I wanted to tickle her). It was fun playing with her like that. What was also fun was the fact that my Mom didn’t know if I was a boy(boys are the coolest) or a girl(yuck). To call me something, Mom and Dad came up with “Shim.” I didn’t mind being called Shim because I didn’t have a real name yet(Mom and Dad named me Asher after I was born). There’s a ton of stuff I could talk about, but I’ll skip to the best part:MY BIRTH!!

It was dark outside of my Mom’s tummy when we left to go to the Birthing Center. I liked the Birthing Center because it felt like a real home. When we got there, Mom did a lot of moving around trying to get comfortable(and to get me out). I know I made it kinda hard on her because I was two weeks late and so big. (Sorry Mom!) Anyways, my Mom spent time walking around(I liked that), kneeling(not bad), in the bathtub(okay), and lying down(great). I didn’t feel like coming out right away. I liked being all tucked up with my left hand by my face, but Mom had other plans. She pushed and pushed and pushed and finally I came out! (Mom told me later that she was in labor for 11 hours and pushed for 4 of them..Wow!) It was hard at the very end because I got stuck, but my Mom’s midwife got me out. When I came out I was surrounded by people. There was my Mom and my Dad,my Grandma, Amber the midwife, and Salli her helper(Mom called Salli another word, but I forgot it). I liked all of the people there because I felt supported and loved! Uh-oh! Mom just walked in!

Well, Mom’s not angry, but she did want me to add some pearls of wisdom.(I don’t see any pearls.)

  1. Trust in God.. where your limits end His begin(and really he has no limits).
  2. Read up on pregnancy,birth, and babies but don’t expect the books to tell you everything.
  3. When labor begins, just let go and know that how far you have to go is only a short distance compared to where you’ve come from.
  4. Know and believe that you can do it.
  5. God Bless!!


Asher Michael White- 8/12/06

P.S. Oh yeah, I was 9 lbs.9 oz. and 22 in.

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