Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just doing our thing. In 2013.

What a year!!  2013 proved to be a busy one for me and my family.  

We added a baby girl to the mix.  Her name is Maryn Rain.  
She was born at home and delivered by my ever so talented husband.


She, of course, has rocked Maeve's world (2 years old).  It took about 4 months for this big sister to adjust, day at a time.

Here I am holding Maryn while working on a chart.  
Maryn is still nursing every couple of hours,
 so she's still attached everywhere I go.  
I think this was her 5th birth she had attended and was only a month or 2 old.

We turbo charged the birth center with more time and effort into the new birth cottage!  
Projected date of completion: 2/28/2014 (per pregnant momma's request).

What else?

Galyn Lacewell, LM, CPM of joined up with me to provide even better care to more families in 2014!!  We are super excited to have her on with us as staff midwife.  I've known Galyn for years now.  I was with her for all 3 of her home births and then had the privilege to spend the past 2 years as her preceptor.  She is so smart and so talented and I know that families are in for a special treat as she continues her journey as a licensed midwife at the birth center.

And I also just had to share a picture of this cute Midwife Kit for kids that Stephanie, our apprentice made for Maeve and Emily (Galyn's daughter) for Christmas this year.  Too Cute!!  She packed a little leather travel box with stethoscope, due date calculator, prenatal vitamins (tic tacs), chelated iron (tic tacs), pediatric blood pressure cuff, pen light, herbs, tape measure for measuring fundal height, and more!  What a neat gift for the aspiring midwife.  Of course, how many little girls out there can say they have been at over 50 births by the time they were 2??  Not many!

Starting young.

Here's Maeve practicing her doppler skills on the prenatal table.

Brook, our office manager and assistant, has gone to working part-time so she can spend more time with Saelor (now 2 years old).  She most always answers her phone though if you need anything on her off days.