Monday, 27 May 2013

And yet another 1st time Momma, putting all of us pros to shame!!

This mom was amazing!!  She was made to be a mother.  And what a cute baby!!

From Emily:

I went into labor at home, it was 11 am. My contractions started off at 13 mins apart and by 2 p.m. They were 11 minutes apart. My husband was my labor couch and my ultimate helper. He alone helped me through a painful labor at home, for 10 long hours! My midwife directed me to call her when my contractions got closer to 5 mins apart, as this can usually be a long process.. By 6 pm my contractions were 9 minutes apart and at 8 pm I called my midwife telling her "okay they're 6 minutes apart" she told me to meet her at the family birthing center in new braunfels in 45 mins and we did just that. Unknowingly I was in transition labor, and in a bumpy car for that matter, for twenty minutes!!

I had an out of body experience during this time, though... It was beautiful. My mind was on a beautiful hiIltop, while my body was in excruciating pain. It was 8:45 when we arrived, my contractions had gotten down to 2 1/2 minute intervals. I kept burping and upon arrival pooped for about a minute straight lol it was weird.... They said it was my body "preparing." I asked them to fill up the bath tub but I was told we should wait till I was in transition labor. I made my way to the bed and my midwifes assistant was checking me for dilation. Her eyes got big and she said "oh wow, I need to get a second opinion on this before I say anything" but then smiled real big too! (Apparently she told someone in the past they were 7 cm and they ended up being only 4 cm..)

Seconds later my midwife checked me for dilation and my water unintentionally broke. She said "okay you ready to push?" I said "what! Right now?!?" She said "yeah girl you're 10 centimeters dilated and his head is like right there, i can feel it coming out!" I realized then "this is happening"

I had NO CLUE the time had already come but all of a sudden it hit me, the only relief I was going to get was pushing this baby out! So they told me to bear down, and my husband had one leg up in the air and my midwife had the other leg and her assistant was the one initially in front of me, helping me through the pushing. They told me to feel his head and for the first time i felt his baby soft hair just barely starting to crown. This was it, i wanted to meet him already! With the fourth push his head came out and then i remember taking a deep breath. They asked if i wanted to take off my jacket, i said Hell Yeah let's me get naked! 1 minute later i started having another contraction and i pushed and i could feel everything happening as he came out and Joshua caught our son as he entered into the world;  James Corey Terrell was born at 9:06 pm on 01/31/13. Haha first time I've ever written this down!

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