Monday, 11 March 2013

Large Families:-))

Being a mom of a larger-than-typical-size family is many things. It's crazy; it's tiring; it's always interesting. There's never a dull moment - and, often, those exciting moments come when you are out in public with your family. Here are some of the comments I've heard the most often when I'm out with my big brood - and my responses. I'd love it if you'd share yours with us!
1. "Are they all yours?" I'm not sure why you would need to know this, but no, they aren't. When I go to the store, I load up any kids I find in the backyard. It's always exciting to fill up the van. Never know WHO will end up here!
2. "Do they all have the same father?" Again, I'm not sure why you would want to know this, but are you accusing me of something?
3. "Wow! Your hands are full!" Yes, and so is my heart. Besides, many hands make light work, and my hands are only full if the kids don't do their chores.
4. "Don't you know how that happens?" (With a shocked look) Yes, don't you? If you don't, we are pretty good. Want us to give you a demonstration?
5. "Are you done?" Yes, unless I have another. OR: Funny, I never thought of myself as loaf of bread before...
6. "Why did you have so many kids?" I was tired of my house being neat, clean, and organized; plus, I was bored.
7. "Don't you have a TV?" Why? Are you offering to buy us one? There's always people arguing over ours, an extra would be a blessing. If you think that watching any TV show is more enjoyable than sex, though, we need to talk.
8. "Which one would you rather not have?" Yes, someone did ask me this - right in front of my kids. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out how I answered this one.
9. "Were your kids planned?" Some of the greatest things in life are unplanned. But, in reality, the children are part of my plan to take over the world.
10. "Better you than me!" Funny, my kids say the same thing.

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  1. My favorite is #5... just say that every time ladies!