Friday, 18 January 2013

A New Goal in Mind

For the past 6 months my husband and I have been falling in love with the WOD (Workout of the Day) in modern Crossfit lingo. I am finally starting to see changes, not on the scale per say, but in my tone and muscle definition. I'm really starting to get better (notice I didn't say good!). When I started I could not even run around the block without stopping every minute or two to catch my breath. I was so out of shape. Jumping rope was out of the question and honestly, even the warm-up made me sweat. So...what had happened to me?? I'm 33 years old and giving birth to, breastfeeding, and sacrificing every part of my body for my 5 children had happened to me. I had no idea I was in that bad of shape. Time really had flown by because by the time I took a moment to add up the years I realized it had been 17 years since I had run! Seriously! I started some training here and there, but I never really got into it. I just wanted some kind of improvement. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kids and babies and pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding and co-sleeping and you name it. Shoot, it's my job to share my love for all things baby with mothers and I was definitely made to do this, but now, for the first time, I don't want to give up Crossfit for pregnancy. I am not ready to put down my jump rope!! But low and behold, baby numero 6 (whom I will have birthed) and number 10 (after all of Gods' little bonus children) is on his/her way. My plan to wait has failed me, but wait!! you can continue crossfit while pregnant! Yep, it looks and sounds crazy I know. You should most certainly google some pictures of these strong mommas in action. It is pretty crazy looking. Anyway, my new plan, eat lots of turkey and avocado and nuts and greens and veggies and juice everything under the sun, workout and have fun and listen to my body!!! oh yeah, I almost forgot:-) and grow a little baby.


  1. Well, so far no good. I have been bed ridden, not literally, but almost. I am counting down the days until the 2nd trimester. Because maybe then I feel slightly more like myself. I am eating anything I can and my energy is absolutely zapped!! Lots of prayers please!! 12 weeks tomorrow.

  2. I wish I had seen this sooner! I will be praying I hope you will be feeling better soon, I feel your pain! :(